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Termite Inspection and Control

When your home is infested with termites, they can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damages. Since they feed on wood, this can cause major structural damages in your home. This is why it is imperative you are aware of the signs to look for when these pests are present in your home, so you will know when to call for pest control services, so they can be removed before major damages occur. This information will help you to understand what to look for, so you will be prepared.

Many people do not notice the signs of termites until damage has occurred. Unfortunately, these tiny winged pests are difficult to see and often bury themselves inside the wooden structures of your home. You may notice the walls in your home sound hollow when tapped. You may even notice damage occurring with walls being easily punctured or your wood flooring becoming weak. When you see this type of damage, it is crucial you call the exterminator right away. Not only will you need the pests removed, but you will also need to hire someone to repair your structural damage. If the pests are allowed to continue feeding on the wood in your home, it could present a dangerous environment for your family.

If you notice mud tubes on the side of your home, this could be a sign of problems with termites. They build mud tubes to use as nests. If you want to see if your nest is active, you can break off a piece of the tube and then monitor the nest for several days. If the termites are still active in the nest, you will quickly see repairs being done. If the nest is not active, you should remove the tubes from your structure, so other termites do not decide to take up residence inside.

Another sign you may have a problem with termites, is if you see them in the moist areas at the base of your foundation. Termites love moist areas and are especially drawn to mulch beds. If you brush some of the mulch back and see them in large groups, you should call your pest extermination company right away.

Most experts agree homes should be inspected for termites at least once a year. The sooner these pests are removed from your home, the less likely you will be to suffer with permanent damages to your structure.

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