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Providing Superior Pest Control in Charlotte NC

No matter what type of pest is creating problems, homeowners want the intruders gone. Now. While there are a variety of products available at local stores advertised to eliminate ants, mosquitoes and roaches, they never seem to work very well. Even if the products are somewhat effective, very few people really understand how to apply the pesticides. Or, the current batch of pests may be eliminated, but new hatches continue to appear. Termite & bug pest control Charlotte NC experts know how to deal with pests to eliminate them completely.

Are routine treatments helpful?

Controlling pests in any home is an ongoing project, as different pests seem to appear at different times or in different areas. For that reason, routine visits are recommended to keep the area’s wide variety of pest threats under control. Scheduled visits by an exterminator prevent most infestations from occurring. Termite control, for example, prevents colonies from establishing their colonies in or around the home. If termites don’t have a hospitable environment, they move on, and Charlotte area pest control companies know how to make homes less attractive.

What types of pests should be expected in the Charlotte area?

Roaches are particularly unappealing to most people. Routine treatments virtually eliminate the pests from area homes. Pest control experts know how to eliminate roaches, but they also work with homeowners to reduce the likelihood of pests returning. Again, controlling the environment is a piece of the pest control puzzle. If there is nothing to draw the pests, they are less likely to move in. The experts can provide advice on avoiding situations that are inviting to any types of pests.

Of course, there are many other types of pests that can invade a home or yard area. Fire ants are also common in the area, and pose a threat to families and pets. Their colonies should be eliminated as soon as discovered to keep threats to family members to a minimum. The ants’ stings are painful, and the discomfort increases dramatically as the number of stings increases. Since fire ants tend to be somewhat aggressive, treating the colonies should be left to professionals who fully understand the best techniques for safely eliminating them.

Once virtually eliminated, bed bugs have made a significant comeback. They are now commonly found throughout the country, and can be difficult to eradicate once they get established. Chemicals used to kill bed bugs in the past are no longer available, and most commercially available products are ineffective in eliminating the pests. While bed bugs are sometimes thought of as only targeting unclean environments, that is not true. Even some of the best hotels, for example, have seen bed bug infestations. The pests hitch rides from one place to another, and quickly set up housekeeping in beds and other furniture. There are new treatments designed to treat bed bug infestations, and Charlotte area professionals are equipped to provide the treatment.

Are the treatments safe for children and pets?

Not all pest control treatments are safe for children or pets. Pest control professionals will provide guidelines when a chemical that could pose a hazard must be used. However, there are many eco-friendly options available, so homeowners should discuss the issue with the pest control company before making any decisions about treating their properties.

The companies providing superior pest control services in the Charlotte area understand the concerns of homeowners, and work with them to provide the best options for each client’s circumstances. Never be afraid to ask if eco-friendly options are offered or if there are green alternatives for preventing future infestations. Contact a professional whenever any type of pest problem occurs.

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