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Residential Pest Control

Termites are an example of pests that can wreak havoc on structures if property owners are not savvy. These pests eat wood, and you may not necessarily notice them right away because they often begin building their nests under the surfaces of properties. Once they invade your space, they may not only feast on your home. Sometimes termite infestations result in the pests also attacking wooden furniture and other areas of properties that are made from wood.

You may wonder what the best method of detecting these pest is. After all they lurk behind and beneath things. An exterminator is the best option for detecting termites. You should have routine inspections which will help to detect early signs of termite activity.

Sometimes people become alarmed about winged ants and confuse the ants for termites. Again, a professional is the best option for making the distinction. Keep in mind that winged ants could be a sign of a developing ant infestation which can also cause you significant problems as a property owner.

If you have not had an exterminator visit your property in awhile, there are a few things you can visually check for in the mean time. Perhaps you have noticed that wooden areas of your home appear to be dry rotting for no apparent reason. You may even notice a sawdust-like residue. Your floorboards may also seem to be getting weak and sagging, or your walls may appear to be bulging. These structural changes could be evidence of termite activity. They could also be signs of some type of issue with the foundation of your property. If you do not address the issues, you may find yourself with an inhabitable or condemned property.

There are two types of methods used for pest control when it comes to termites. The first method is to attempt to repel the insects. This method involves attempting to make the pests not want to inhabit properties. There is still a possibility that termites can invade a property that has been treated, but the chances of them surviving is very slim. The second method of control involves killing the pests by means of pesticides. The type of pesticide will depend on the the extent of the termite invasion.

Today, contractors are open to hearing from their customers about their preferences. If you have concerns about pesticides, discuss this with the pest control provider you choose. They may have environmentally friendly alternatives available.

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